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Note: Keady Outside Market is open every Tuesday from 7 AM to 2 PM as normal. The market continues to be open past the Thanksgiving Day holiday. The last day of the Vendors "discounted lot rental season" is Sept 10th this year. Please know that this is not a closing date for the market. Several of our vendors set up well into November (weather permitting).

Prepared food sales are restricted at Keady Market.

New "seasonal rates" effective January 1, 2023 for all lots

The cost of a (non-hydro) lot 10' x 26' is $35 (HST included) for Tuesdays year round.

The cost of a (hydro) lot 10' x 26' is $45 (HST included) for Tuesdays year round.

You should be at the market to prepare for the day between 5 AM and 7 AM.

Vendor access to Market is approx. 750' (Gate 1) and 1000' (Gate 2) West of the four way stop. Attendants will be wearing orange safety vests!

The Farmer's Market runs from 7 AM until approximately 2 PM.

Puppies, Kittens, adolescent and mature Dog and Cat sales are FORBIDDEN at Keady Farmers' Market!

*** For everyone's enjoyment and safety (including pets), please refrain from bringing pets to the market! ***

Free public parking is on the West side of Grey Rd. 3 (North of the Keady Livestock buildings). Safe walk-in access from the parking area is over a bridge that brings you directly into the heart of the market.

Weather permitting; The Farmer's Market remains open and active through to the Fall Season of the year.

Contact us

519-934-2339 or 519-477-0142 keadymarkettuesdays@gmail.com 117012, Grey Road 3,Tara, Ontario, N0H 2N0